The Blood Priest [in progress: first draft 46%]


Gabril Harrow is a faith-shaken priest who tortures the godless to redeem them. Haunted by duty and beset with regret, he is starved for absolution.

When he learns that his run-away son is slowly rotting away from Raker’s disease in the remote jungle of Elmeria, Gabril abandons everything—his church, his whore, and his country—and travels overseas to save his flesh and blood.

Hell-bent to seize this last chance to set things right, Gabril vows that nothing will stop him in this pagan land—not the tribe that succours his afflicted son, not the lethal magic unleashed by the cure, not the aristocrat that wants him dead, not the queen obsessed with conquering Elmeria, not the genocide.

All for a son…

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The Blood Priest is a dark fantasy, targeted at post-adolescent and young-adult audiences (18-30) of all genders. The completed book is estimated to be 100k words (approx. 400 page paperback).